sofia kouldakidou


Sofia Kouldakidou is a painter and sculptor. Her work is characterised by time-consuming processes. For example, the installation “Die Wartenden” 2001, (German “Waiting”) comprises 300 individually sculptured terracotta heads that where made by the artist over a period of 2 years. Current work in progress is the individual painting of 40 books that contain poetry by Sofia Kouldakidou (“An der Kreuzung wird es still sein” - German “It shall be quiet at the cross-way”). Sofia regards her work process as transubstantiation, a transformation where the ego turns into a spectator and the work piece becomes a witness.

Sofia Kouldakidou’s paintings and sculptures determine each other. Desire and meditation are the two poles of a holistic work.

Her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions, museums, art fairs and galleries. Her work can be found in public and private collections.